alfa k nails

alfa. K

I’m a sucker for nail art. I love doing my nails so much, I literally feel naked if I don’t have a layer of nail polish on. But pampering nails takes time, and most of us are too busy to sit and wait for polish to dry, which is why nail stickers are a great option.

I recently came across Alfa. K, a nail sticker brand founded by French illustrator and graphic designer Anne-Claire Gambette. One of the very few nail sticker brands out there which produces more than just the typical leopard print and french tip patterns, she boldly transform each nail into little pieces of art and entitles each series with a unique name, such as “Fella” or “Marble”, in representational to her inspirations.

Treating it as another way to “express herself freely on a pretty small area of the body”, she not only designs the stickers herself, but also frequently collaborates with other artists for innovative designs, with names like Leslie David and Camille Walala from London being one of her previous collaborators. Delivering colorful, special and easy to apply stickers for the nails, these little murals are such a life saver for people like me.