New Mosaics of Ravenna

Since the wipe out in 2015, Invader has never stopped himself from returning to Hong Kong. After releasing his six Invasion guides on Paris, Los Angeles, London, Rome, Miami and Hong Kong; he is back again to release his 7th Invasion Guide – New Mosaics of Ravenna.

In hands with Over the Influence, the latest guide will be on display with unique mosaic artworks throughout the 14th  to the 26th of October. This new book documents the artworks that he has placed in Ravenna, a city in northern Italy which is “acclaimed for its Paleo-Christian mosaics dating back to the 5th and 6th century.” Apart from celebrating the unique history and heritage of the city, Invader’s artworks are also influenced by Ravenna’s context, in which he has specifically rendered his signature Space Invaders in “shades of midnight blue, white, and gold, a shimmering reminiscence of the starry nights that adorn the vaults and domes of the city and the glittering colours of delicate embroidery reserved only for the Empress and Emperor”. Continuing with his psychogeographical experiments which can be likened with French artist Guy Debord; Invader uses his retro-futuristic 8-bit digital imageries to introduce innovative aesthetics which pays tribute to the past, as well as to support the Situationist movement in general.

This exhibition also marks Invader’s 3rd Invasion in Hong Kong, where 32 new pieces have already been placed around the city since this September, including familiar motifs such as PAC-MAN, Mermaid, and emojis. Transforming our daily routes without permission yet again, he has placed hidden gems around our city which promotes for “the diverse urban art landscape and support(s) the dynamic local art scene in Hong Kong.”



New Mosaics of Ravenna
14th October – 26th October 2017
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm
Over The Influence, 1/F, 159 Hollywood Road Central Hong Kong


Top Image: Invader’s latest invasion in Hong Kong. Courtesy of Invader and Over The Influence.

New Mosaics of Ravenna