The following article is produced by STUVVZ’s collaborative media partner BuyMeDesign, a Hong Kong-based design curator and launching pad for designers.

“MVN is characterised by an interflow of culture” – Marvin Mak, co-founder MVN

WHO? Even though Hong Kong-born and based fashion brand MVN is only one month shy of its first anniversary, we already dare to boldly predict that you’ll be seeing their unique designs around quite a bit!  Co-founded by two ambitious 90s kids—Marvin Mak and Abella Cheung—MVN is a trendy, cosmopolitan brand characterised by an interflow of culture. After completing their studies in the UK, Marvin and Abella decided to bring back a touch of British sophistication to the place where their roots lie.

WHAT? “We wanted to adapt British fashion to the Asian market [and body shape], so we took some of its most significant features, such as the use of colour and patterns, and fuse it with our own ideas about what great fashion looks like”, Marvin explained in an earlier interview with buyMeDesign.

The brand doesn’t only deviate itself from dime-a-dozen retailers in terms of design, but in terms of quality as well. MVN is all about offering contemporary items with an eye-catching twist that do not cost a pretty penny: “Fast fashion has become an accepted part of our culture, and the quality of clothes from large retailers has decreased significantly over time. Even though buying good-quality clothes might seem more expensive, it’s actually a great investment as they’ll last much longer,” says Marvin.

MVN’s latest collection features monochrome and subdued colour palettes that make a perfect fit for your autumn wardrobe. Subtle patterns, light and comfortable lining, flattering cuts and eye-catching details such as eyelet rings are used to elevate the designs.

The ‘Metal Circle With Collar Black & White Dress is a great example of their design philosophy. Offering a contemporary take on the classic black Peter Pan collar dress, MVN’s dress is adorned with two striking pockets (yes, Marvin and Abella understand that women need pockets too!) and a subtle V-neck. Elegant and edgy—Wednesday Addams meets Twiggy, if you will—this dress effortlessly takes you from work to play.

MVN’s ‘Diagonal Stripes Patchwork Trousers offer a nautical twist to one of this year’s biggest and most versatile fashion trends: culottes.  Their navy blue cropped pants feature a striped patchwork detail on each leg from thigh to calf that is intentionally left shorter for a playful touch.  Style the trousers with a white shirt and loafers for a smart-casual look, or add length and glamour to your outfit by pairing MVN’s culottes with heels and a plain silk camisole.

WHERE? If you like what you see and want to see more, you can discover and shop MVN’s collection (available in size XS to L) here.