If you are a Hong Kong-er, then you would probably know that Tokyo is one of the most popular, go-to destinations for a quick getaway during the holiday season (especially during the winter)! Charles Spreckley obviously agrees, as they have just launched their creative travel guide to Tokyo city People Make Places. Exposing the nooks and crannies of the urban jungle’s best-kept secrets, this covetable, collectible and sleek-looking hardcover book aims to inspire travelers who wants to brave through the bustling Tokyo parameters. It also comes with a convenient app for Apple product users.

Spreckley narrows in on the raw and the original parts of the city, highlighting the roots of the places which makes Tokyo the hub for an amazing experiences. He has revealed the people and ideas behind shops, clubs, galleries, restaurants, and many more. This book proves to be an opportunity for both himself and the readers to rediscover their love for traveling and exploring the unknown. “We built this book to get to know them”, Spreckley states, “because these are the people who build the backdrops to our urban lives”. Spreckley proudly present his work as a “trusted relationship” with his interviewees, as they have “trusted us to tell their stories”. Within this city that Spreckley has called home for fifteen years, he holds true to the roots of the places and his experiences that had shaped his life, as well as his decision to tell the narrative behind this highly personal project.

People Make Places retails for HKD 475, and will be exclusively available at kapok stores.


Written by Priscilla Ng