charles Pétillon

Infused with invisible air, balloons are rarely seen as anything invasive, rather, they have always been a joyful object which uplifts our mood whenever our gaze lands upon it.

This is why the act of using balloons to invade our recognized space can, in turn, create a striking contrast, which successfully empowers the inflated circles of different sizes with an unusual sense of movement, pulse, and power over the connotation of different environments.

French artist Charles Pétillon create pods of balloons and places the fragile compositions on top of spaces which we hold collective memories of. Whether it is a basketball court, the ocean side or a forest, his balloons “introduces a style of writing coming from a world in Mutation”, which not only creates a surrealistic view, but also a comforting reflection that ties between tradition, emotions, and other symbolic forces.

charles Pétillon charles Pétillon charles Pétillon charles Pétillon