Nigel Waymouth

“All the elements: water, air fire, earth, they’re all there.” And the hot air balloon? “Well, that’s the human touch”, explains Waymouth.

Nigel Waymouth, the name alongside Sheila Cohen and John Pearse behind the 1966 founded original-chic fashion boutique, Granny Takes a Trip, has recently been commissioned by Joyce Boutique to create a 100 editions only screen printed poster. Even though Nigel has been pursuing a successful career as a fine art painter since the 80’s, exhibiting frequently around the world; his strong artistic style which was established since he formed the Hapshash and the Coloured Coat with Michael English allows him to continue in creating significant poster-piece, which, in this case, speaks directly about Hong Kong.

This particular poster is based on a “panoramic image taken from the highest bar in the World”, in which the artist then created a neon pink starry backdrop to depict the Hong Kong skyline at dusk. With different symbolic images included, such as “a phoenix for peace and prosperity, Chinese dragons to signifying strength and luck, and the circular dragon coil for longevity”, Waymouth remains to be the artist to go to for works which are “highly significant representations of culture, music, and fashion”.


Nigel Waymouth Nigel Waymouth