Debbie Debster

I have been adopting the mentality to view shopping as an investment rather than just a simple spontaneous act of pleasure. I may well have been, unconsciously, affected by the strong notion to “fight fast fashion”; but either way, I definitely see the change in my buying habits – especially when it comes to accessories. I literally own boxes of earrings, but my hands always go towards the simpler pieces now.

Debbie Debster, a new modern jewelry brand who have launched their first collection ‘Prologue’ in 2017 creates timeless pieces ranging from their crescent slim rings, large rilo earrings, lyra rings and more. The brand wishes to create products that highlight individuality, and at the same time, is perfect for everyday wear. With a bigger goal to fight the shrinking fashion cycle, their pieces are chic yet effortless, polished, and iconic to the brand.

Debbie Debster Debbie Debster Debbie Debster