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I was gifted with a lot of hair since birth, so I have experienced countless times of having combs stuck on my head, breaking newly bought hairbrushes and lots of tugging and pulling on my scalp. I have found that the paddle brush is the best for me, but for other people, the choice can be completely different.

The tagline of Acca Kappa, “Everyone deserves a quality hairbrush”, has really caught my attention because I share the same belief. There is a reason why there are so much different types of combs, precisely because each of them has a special function to suit different people. The key to silky hair is healthy scalp, and believe it or not, the secret could well lie in boar bristle.

Acca Kappa uses natural boar bristle of different lengths to softly massage the scalp, which can stimulate sweat glands, hair follicles, and acupuncture points on the head to promote blood circulation which allows for a healthier scalp. Quality boar bristle can also stop static electricity and help carry hair oil from the roots to the ends, conditioning the hair without using any other products.

Handcrafted with perfectly designed angle handles, brushes by Acca Kappa is not just a product but also an aesthetically pleasing design. The natural rubber cushioning on their Pneumatic Brushes makes them more durable and allows it to remove tangles without extra force. Other brushes includes the Protection Beechwood Brush made with a nylon ring shape design to mimic fingers; the Boar Bristles and Nylon Monofilmament Kotibe Brush which has a dense gather of boar bristle to easily remove dust; the Beechwood with Wooden Pins Rectangular Padde Bush; the Gondola Brush which is inspired by the gondola, thus given an intricate appearance and is made with a combination of Zebra wood, maple wood and Catalpa wood, making each one of them completely unique; a series of Round Brushes at different sizes including 32mm and 35mm which allows excess heat to escape through the aluminium bucket to prevent dehydrating the hair.

acca kappa acca kappa

acca kappa