The sun shinning through between the hanging curtains,
You dancing around, humming sounds, in the living room.
The blue garment gently follows through your every step,
As I watch with my eyes closed, taking in my morning breath.

Handmade with cotton which is 100% hand-knitted, the latest SS17 03 edition collection by nido is as calming and soothing as their every other collection. Hand-dyed with natural indigo dye, their simple design of vets, tops, trousers and dresses can be easily imagined to be worn as they sway with the winds of nature.

As is with their other collections, each of these pieces are completely handmade in small batches, with an immense focus on details and always created with handspun sheep wool from Argentina. Dedicate to their core values, their creations are minimal, yet holds true to value “in the simple and natural way in which its handled, from the sheep to the finished piece, without any extras because we believe it is not necessary.”

Working in the traditional way, in which we mean by the tools that they use and the labors that they hire, the works by nido are produced from the knowledge of the local women, which was inherited from their grandmothers. This is what gives nido apparels an indescribable warmth that is close to the heart. Imperfect yet perfect, these works by artisans are a story on its own, ready to accompany you on your daily endeavors.