Abstract sculptural art: bold, uncompromising and inspiring

Abstract sculptural art is one of the most striking and exciting modes of artistic expression. Famous abstract sculptors include Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Eduardo Paolozzi and Anthony Caro – all of whom have pushed the boundaries of the style and challenged our notions of reality through their inventive, experimental works.

abstract sculptural art

This wonderfully diverse and continually evolving art form can range from the simple structures of concrete art to the sometimes graceful, sometimes frenetic energy of kinetic sculptures (or sculptures that involve moving parts).

This means the form can include anything from the elegantly minimalist design of Max Bill’s Continuity to Lyman Whitaker’s The Twister Star Huge, an impressively elaborate kinetic sculpture that whirls and spins in the wind.

What most examples of abstract sculptural art have in common, however, is a mixture of simplicity and complexity, as its artists experiment with technique, shape, proportion and method to create pieces beyond your wildest imaginings.