Globalization affect every parts of the world, making it difficult for tourists to see local designs in big cities unless they are deliberated being showcased. As a very mature and modern country, Singapore offers a lot of shopping arcades, but like mentioned, it was very hard for us to find stores that we can not … Continued

We had such an amazing time in Vancouver. Needlessly to say, as an uprising street fashion hub, Gastown have really amazed us with their selection of stores, offering a wide range of goodies. Different from Hong Kong, they were all very male orientated. So worry not guys, no more waiting outside changing rooms and falling asleep … Continued

Lil Nika Its sad to see that kids now- a- days hog their parents’ iPads instead of rolling out in the sand, playing tea time with their barbie dolls, or building an imaginative world with their lego blocks. I can’t blame some of the parents though, the world has advanced into a place where its almost … Continued

Wyndwood Art District The taxi driver made more than one clear attempt to tell us not to cross the 24th street, making us a bit panic-y before we got off the cab. Once we got off and caught the glimpse of the street art that speared through the cracks of the neighbourhood though, our hearts … Continued

Juicy Couture Welcoming Fall 2014 with their latest “Return to Hollywood” campaign; Juicy Couture releases their Black Label Collection for the upcoming season, consisting of motorbike jackets, leopard printed apparels, fitted skirts and skinny jeans in creating an edgy rocker Juicy girl. Working with fashion photographer Inez and Vinoodh for their LA style photos featuring … Continued

kapok Showcasing their FW14 and SS15 selection at their pop up showroom hosted in the Moon Gallery Hong Kong this time around; kapok welcomes the crowd with a wide range of lifestyle products to be in stores this upcoming season. Including Carré Royal Paris leather goods, Rains waterproof apparels, Sandqvist backpacks, Saint James® essentials, Crash … Continued

Founded by local designer Janko Lam; Classics Anew has just opened it’s first store at PMQ, Hong Kong on the 23rd July,2014. Focusing on the designs of Chinese inspired tailors; the brand merges traditional craftsmanship with modern fashion techniques in the creation of unique apparels, as well as tributing to the Asian culture. Check out … Continued

Versace Versace presents not only their signature Medusa motif for their collection this upcoming season, but also a series of colorful all over printed apparels for Versus Versace, limited edition D and F Signature handbags, bling bling Chinese inspired women dresses and biker themed menswear. Having the chance to preview some of their latest releases; … Continued