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Childlike playfulness meets sleek, modern design in the ROLL Collection, a seating line created by German designer Verena Hennig.

Verena Hennig is an award-winning art director, designer and the founder of multi-disciplinary design practice STUDIO VERENA HENNIG, a consultancy dedicated to exploring and combining the fields of art, architecture, design and film. Last year, the studio launched its own eponymous product brand.

The ROLL collection, a seating line consisting of a chair, lounge chair, bench and stool, is the brand’s first collection and marks Hennig’s promising debut as a furniture designer.

Uniting functional craftsmanship with sophisticated design, the seats and chair backs feature rotatable aluminium sticks that slide from left to right to massage the sitter. The aim of the collection is to both create an engaging experience between the furniture and its user, and to spark interaction between people sharing the experience.

“The ROLL Collection was inspired by an earlier work of mine. In 2015 I created the installation ‘THE LINE’  for the Neues Museum in Nuremberg, Germany,” Verena Hennig explained in an early interview with buyMeDesign. “This installation was an immersive, 25-meter-long bench made of 80 air mattresses that sparked an immediate reaction to the visitors’ playful nature. As ‘THE LINE’ was only a temporary exhibition, I wanted to use this concept that engages people to interact to create something for everyday use.”

Hennig’s innovative furniture designs are not just interactive and fun, but highly ergonomic as well. The batons massage the user’s back, thighs and buttocks, activating various muscle groups which in turn helps to relieve stress and muscle tensions.

As the furniture designs are made of powder-coated aluminium and steel, the ROLL Collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ergonomic and engaging attributes makes the ROLL Collection perfect for public spaces as well as offices and family homes.