kaki flower vase

I always wanted to get some flowers for the office, but considering the amount of stuff that we have- it’s really not a good idea. With the humid temperature in Hong Kong as well, it is bound to foster tiny flies, and there’s a big chance of me knocking the whole thing over. This is why when I saw the Kaki Flower Vase design by TODO, I immediately bookmarked it down.

This convenient and light flower vase is made up of a piece of adhesive PVC which you can simply stick onto different glass surfaces and then reapplied else where when you want to. With that being said, the flower that it holds can easily get sunlight in a small interior space and it will never be broken either.

Coming in three different colors at just a price of around USD $15; it is definitely a great go to if you are also looking to add some flowery life in your home or studio space.

kaki flower vase kaki flower vase kaki flower vase