Emmy Kalia

I remember talking to the owner of one of the most successful dance studio in the world right now, and he said: “We want to teach people to dance, but not purely via physical classes, but online tutorials – that’s where we can actually reach millions of people.” I remember being in awe when he told me that, and even though I was a bit hesitant of the idea myself (since I learned how to dance in the traditional studio way), it is clear that he is right – more and more people are taking such tutorial classes online.

No longer limited to just “youtube is my teacher”, different platforms are helping creatives to set up their own ‘curriculum’ and to have their own students; Emmy Kalia is one of the online drawing teachers that we have came across.

Similar to other artists, she started sharing her works on Instagram in 2014 and gained herself a following. From then, she started making Youtube videos and now she posts drawing tutorials on patreon.com. Hosting challenges and giving out rewards on top of her hours-long tutorial videos, her classes com in different levels, and we must admit we are particularly drawn to her technique in portraying human hair.

Emmy Kalia Emmy Kalia