Parisstoicism// fertility// futurism// hope

Presenting a collection of abstract pieces which experiments with grace and form; Rick Owens demonstrates his rejection towards normality once again, by inducing unique twists and curves with exclusively developed fabrics including stiff cotton sateen canvas, twill gazar made from a silk and paper yarn and more. Creating special zipped compartments alongside cargo leg chaps and fertility belts, the extravagant volumes he has tailored deliberately overrides the usual body shape, covering it with stretched t-shirts and addition neckholes and armholes. As an interpretation to the “American’s brutalist interpretation of French confection” and am inspired by “the 1908 Italian futurist head by Thayaht on the invitation portrays the poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the author of the futurist manifesto”; the collection speaks to the vibe of radical utopian movements – how “they start with the best intentions but then degenerate and crumble until the next wave of hope appears over the horizon.”

Available at Joyce Boutique.