Featuring products which have previously gone viral in the digital world, including the ili wearable translator lobgar and the lucky iron fish; kapok is presenting a range of amazing designs by emerging Asian designers at their sun street store in hands with the Hong Kong Design Centre. Lasting from now until July 26, 2018, the three-months-long pop up will not only allow the public to take a closer look at these creations but also purchase them home.

One of our personal favourites would be The City Book by Production Q Limited. Not only because it talks about Hong Kong, but because it is very different from the common travel guide where it has decided to focus on the personal stories which have been “locked in busy street corners and forgotten in inconspicuous back lanes” instead, making it much in line with our upcoming The Unseen Locals event.

Images above in order: SIMBULB the first ever spiral shaped filament LED light bulb by SIM LIGHTING DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED / Hong Kong// swave coldbrew machine by n-swave / South Korea// The City Book – Hong Kong by Production Q Limited / Hong Kong// Bicorne by KoDesignLab. / Japan// CROZ – D.I.Y Digital Camera by HYLE DESIGN MACAU / Macau// ili Wearable Translator Logbar Inc. / Japan// kisen CUP Series// MiLLiSECOND Reel by Takeda Inc. & Caro inc. / Japan