I’m an avid solo traveler. I’ve been to Boston, San Francisco, and parts of Japan myself. I believe that traveling alone offers a much more unique experience in comparison to traveling with a group. I can eat whatever, sleep in until whenever, and freely plan as I go. Not to mention, I also get to stop and talk to locals and join them on different activities to see the city under a more authentic light.

Having that said, however, not a lot of people in Hong Kong are solo travelers. A research has said that “1 in 3 responded that they have felt disadvantaged when traveling on their own, citing higher costs (almost 20% on travel insurance and over 50% on accommodation), safety issues and tour options that only cater to two or more people.”

Therefore, to help people plan for their first solo trip, Lonely Planet has published their latest ‘The Solo Travel Handbook’ which feature locations including Vietnam, Singapore, Ubud, Bali and lots more. Apart from showcasing food and nightlife, there are also special highlights on culture, self-reflection, travel hacks, staying safe, tips on arriving, advice on working remotely and other interesting lessons. Packed with wisdom from real-life stories, the practical yet entertaining handbook easily makes solo traveling stress-free.

Lonely Planet’s Solo Travel Handbook
Published January 2018 / 168pp, full colour / H210 x W165mm, paperback / USD $17.99