It has been a while since we were last excited about the Asia Contemporary Art Show. Their previous curated pieces were not exactly our cup of tea, but we are happily aroused by their list of participating artists for their upcoming 12th edition of the event.

Featuring over 200 artists from around the world; we couldn’t help but to be focused on their selection of Chinese artists for this year.To be held at the Conrad Hong Kong, their 80 galleries plus line up features not only mid-career artists, but also emerging, young artists. Show Director Mark Saunderson states that their upcoming show “marks the return of Intersections, a series that focuses on the conceptual crossing of artistic ideas between past and present, traditional and modern, and East and West, with the spotlight this time on China and Chinese artists. Visitors will see artists as diverse as Wang Shuhui who has turned dumplings into sculpture, and Ding Wenqing, a painter whose goal is to change the perception of Chinese landscapes.”

Our eyes are focusing onto Leung Yun Charm, a Hong Kong photojournalist of 18 years. His paintings not only feature common people with realism and serenity, they also speak to a culture which we strongly associate with – a strong East meets West lifestyle. On top of that, artist Ding Wenqing‘s ink landscapes are also on the top of our list. Changing the way that Chinese paintings are usually viewed and appreciated, Ding’s work is like “a landscape garden where they (viewers) are free to roam and appreciate the views.” Not to mention, the Modern Remains Series by Japanese artist, Kouzo Takeuchi, has also caught our attention, as he taps into the interesting concept of how broken pieces should be recognized as a new aesthetic in ceramics.

Other participating artists include Yu Chuan, an artist with a unique way of mixing the East with the West; Christophe Dénoux who creates glass pieces with the traditional French techinique – “Dalle de Verre”; Fang Zhaoling, one of China’s foremost artist recognized by her calligraphic lines and forms, and mother to politician Anson Chan; Gao Yi who uses dramatic brush stokes and colors to search for “truth, goodness, beauty and ugliness of society and humanity”; and Wang Shuhui, who is heavily inspired by dumplings and uses them as his canvas.


Asia Contemporary Art Show, 12th Edition
Conrad Hong Kong, 40 – 43 floors
March 23 – 26, 2018
HK$250 (admits two if purchased online; admits one if purchased at the door)


Header image: “Christmas Wishes” by Leung Yun Charm, Hong Kong, Room 4125

Other images: “En plein air” by Leung Yun Charm, Hong Kong, Room 4125
“Morning Ride” by Leung Yun Charm, Hong Kong, Room 4125
“Tranquil Lake” by Ding Wenqing, Suomei (M50) Gallery, China, Room 4221
“Modern Remains Cataract” by Kouzo Takeuchi, Artists in Taiwan, Taiwan, Room 4312
“Faint Aroma” by Ding Wenqing, Suomei (M50) Gallery, China, Room 4221