Takashi Kumagai is not only an active photographer, a designer of interior decorations and plants for various shops, but also a full time fashion stylist. His new store CPCM has just opened its doors on the 28th of November, 2015, which is located in Harajuku, Tokyo. Standing for “Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall”, CPCM offers the public a new shopping concept, where a unique experience of mixed-culture is present. Since Takashi Kumagai is heavily inspired by various forms of art, including American crafts and Indian jewelry, it is not hard to feel familiar, but also surprised, towards his designs.

CPCM displays various categories of items, such as homely cosmetics, interesting men and women fashion, as well as children clothes which teaches children the concept of “fashion”. With a strong direction of combining different cultures into his designs, CPCM not only synchronizes with the trendy culture of Japan, but also expresses his unique design philosophy to the public.

(Source: Minimal)