Miss Wax It is said that the brand was started 6 years ago, Im not too sure if its still alive, but their old products surely are. This is what I call timeless, or define as trendsetters; when the jewelries that they design years ago can still be easily matched with any current SS 2013 … Continued

Its here for every brand, the whole blocking design. In runways, for streetwears, even for accessories; they are here. Ready for the summer season, I present to you all the block party nails. As literal as it is, they are blocks of colors on the nail, best to attend parties with! The important thing here … Continued

Wild Fox Couture Completely spectacular. Easily understood with a compositional theme of a secret agent with a 60’s pin- up color tone; the model looks perfect and the scene is completely gorgeous. I would have to say though, the images are so balanced in all aspects when it comes to the pleasing of aesthetics, the … Continued

Flap flap flap, all ten fingers are easily taken as ten tiny wings with these easy to do patterns. Perfect for summer, the colors that can be used are countless, as long as the black outlining and white dots are there the wings will turn out perfect. Coat your nails that are trimmed short and … Continued

Margaux Lange Disturbing to some, but I find them so much fun! Created by BA Fine Arts graduate Margaux from Maryland Institute College of Art; these salvaged body parts have already been recognized in the Art Jewelry scene for the past 10 years. It first started as her project in college, and it continued itself with … Continued

Aren’t you tired, going back and forth to the salon or to your own gel UV machine getting rid of the previous outgrown nail and then replacing it with 3 hours worth of time for new ones? As summer approaches, I think its time to take the long nails off, and go fresh with ones … Continued

You are bound to have been affected or the least, remember the impact that Riri made when she chopped off all that Barbados hunnie hair and went edgy with the asymmetric cut. That cut, because of her, was seen everywhere and suddenly made it legit to have one side of your hair longer than the … Continued

Bell bottoms, high waist, bandanas and 60’s hairstyles… sensing a theme there? Its always coming back, old fashion ideas. This one didn’t just come back, it was here last year, and I personally believe it has the vibe to come back again this year. Platforms, oh platforms, might be the gift of cuteness for Harajuku … Continued

If you a familiar reader of stuVVz you would have read our daily essentials on fruity strands. Tangerine is a lovely color to put on the head, but when you someone looking for something even more fiery, red is the ultimate choice. Instead of dealing with hair and nails separately, this week we gonna merge … Continued

It was for the elegance and the streamline like fingers, resulting in manicures and such to make the female hands look prettier than it already is. But now, we’re talking duck feet? Really? I have to admit they are super cute though, with the stubborn looking shape and a bigger surface area for the insane … Continued