Sabine Ducasse And you thought the most these plastic beads can do were just to create 2D objects. Shanghai fashion designer Sabine Ducasse released the “Melting Pot” Collection showing off a vest like design created solely with perler beads. Colorful, energetic and full of patterns; the tailor is not as rigid as one would expect. … Continued

If you’re a streetwear girl, whos on instagram whenever you can, you have got to seen those countless online earring designers that follows you and likes your picture to get their products out there. Its particular big here in Hong Kong, with our tourist attracted Sham Shui Po streets offering all that you need to … Continued

DIY nails have gone up another level, its no longer just a few gems or a few simple shapes; girls at home are really getting a go at this and are painting their nails to a professional level. The aztec pattern is one hard design to go for, but theres countless photo references of people’s … Continued

I remembered I did a daily on tribal prints, thinking one daily post was good enough for the style; obviously its not. Aztec prints are just as big as floral prints this year, with its bold streaks and colorful pattern being welcoming for any apparel items. Whether it be leggings, cropped tops, shoes or bikinis; … Continued

I still remember when I was small, mom use to always say, “stay away from those stripes, they just make you look fat.” And so I did, thus I own no stripes at home til this very day. Its true, what she said, that stripes which goes across tend to make the body look thicker … Continued

Bride-to-be tutorial maker Letsmakeitup1 got all her raw materials online and compiled it into a one of a kind bridal hair accessory, which I think is just as great for any day usage. Adorned with an extra beaded sheet, the whole look becomes high ended; if I were to do it, I might just skip … Continued

I always stop in front of the house ware sections in thrift stores, flicking my way through lace table clothes and lace coasters.Never ending up know what to do with it, I disgard my thought for any DIY plans, but always go back and touch them the next time I visit. Well folks, here is … Continued

Don’t go overboard, don’t match animal skins with stripes, forget about polka dots with patterned prints; none of that makes anymore sense whatsoever in our current SS 2013. Here I’m showing you the SS13 by Louis Gray, House of Holland and Peter Pilotto; and they obviously don’t give a damn about all the unwritten rules … Continued

I know, I did say no more pastel hair color; but I didn’t say no more pastel color accessories though did I? Supporting the current hit flower power again, pick any floral inspired head pieces, but it has to be pink. The creamier, the paler, the more dilute the better. The white based pink intrigues … Continued

Queens Streetwear Great minds think alike, such a compliment to give myself; but owner Rose Raflores is also from Vancity, where I grew up half my life. Also a nail person, a streetwear chic; her brand Queens really crown each and everyone of us with an edgy look of masculine influenced clothing. Her lookbooks are … Continued