When we say boy chic, we’re still saying girl’s clothes that are made with a menswear tailor, or from an inspiration of menswear; but its still womenswear. Here, we’re talking about actually wearing mens clothes and making it your own womenswear. With the current tailor for guys slimming down every year on runways; its not … Continued

Lets go a bit subtle today, and backtrack to some peachy nude shades for our daily inspiration. Matching the essential denim jacket to some cute peachy tutu dress, top it with a white spaghetti top and finish it with some matching peach stilettos. I would also adorn it with a simple chain necklace and nothing … Continued

You really don’t. Theres no point trying to understand why people or how people dress like this. You just have to really dig down and feel what you like and just wear it regardless of how other people might think. Mostly compiled with street snaps of dolls with dye, you can see that all of … Continued

This week we’re saying bye bye to the social norms and going straight at being completely extravagant and cute. 3D sculpting gel nails has lost it’s magic lately, with just the common sparkles, drawings and applications of gem stones still widely seen on nails. Its most likely because more people are training to become a … Continued

Tatiane Ferrigno Brazilian illustrator Tatiane Ferrigno produces a lot of works depicting tatted girl characters with their hair dyed in pinks and blues. She has a large series of computer rendered images, but these sketch like works are my personal favourite. Simple with lines, but very contemporary when it comes to character appearances;  her subjects … Continued

It might be a bit early, but being prepared is always a good thing. Pale pink is a lovely color to choose for Autumn, and a fabulous shade overall. Its clean, cute, elegant and girly; a great match with gold, and therefore a color also good for streetwear. I see it being a lovely color … Continued

Like littler creamy scoops of ice cream on a waffle cone, the Nike WMNS Air Max 1 VT “Vachetta” Pack was available to NSW accounts last month on the 29th. Yet to see any of these babies in Hong Kong, photos here hopefully assist in seizing the thirst. They are definitely adorable, with women friendly … Continued

Iron Fist I went into this mixed product store somewhere in North America once, I can’t recall where or what it was; but there on the shelves was the last pair of Iron Fist Zombie heels in a typically regarded crazy small size 5, but just so happens to be the perfect size for me. … Continued

Revolution Riche Literally feeling an orgasm coming up when I saw these apparels, I finally see a light for my own closet this season when I’ve been very bored with what was in stores for the past 2 months. Floral prints, zebra stripes, eyes and pyramids; street wear has been innovatively portraying the same things … Continued

I’m wet from the top to the bottom, and its definitely not a nice feeling. The yellow rainstorm sign just got announced here in Hong Kong, but it feels more like a black to me. I was wearing Keds and I was completely soaked from the toes up. Never a fan of rain boots, and … Continued