Charles Clay Tennessee artist Charles Clay discusses about the meaning of space through his unique depiction of it via paper art. Layers and layers of carefully cut out colored paper builds itself into a 3d sculpture, verging into the space that viewers stand upon. The ultimate aim here is to shake up the viewer’s point … Continued

Robert Bradford I have just moved into my new home last week and I think its no strange feeling for most of you when you go back to the immense pile of stuff you have from childhood. You either reminisce about the relationship you have with these items, or you wonder why the hell they are … Continued

Fin DAC I have a fetish for artworks that depicts the profile angle of women figures. I always find the balance between our human features seen from the side is amazingly romantic. Coming across the artist revived my obsession, and with a lot of his characters culturally relating; it was very easy to get attached … Continued

KEF! Art These lovely shapes of colors and lines caught our utmost attention, and it is our privilege to be able to get hold of the artist himself for an interview. Learn more about these creatures and what they mean deep within underneath what that meets the eyes…

Tatiane Ferrigno Brazilian illustrator Tatiane Ferrigno produces a lot of works depicting tatted girl characters with their hair dyed in pinks and blues. She has a large series of computer rendered images, but these sketch like works are my personal favourite. Simple with lines, but very contemporary when it comes to character appearances;  her subjects … Continued

Gelitin Im not lying! This 2005 made giant bunny can literally be seen on google map from space! Made with yarn, the  Viennese art collective Gelitin devoted 5 years of time to produce this huge bunny located in the Italian Alps. The whole point of this dying bunny, much like a lot of other things in … Continued