Peter Alwast Multimedia artist Peter Alwast has been all around the globe; displaying his artworks in forms of videos, computer graphics, paintings and drawings in Brisbane, South Korea and Sydney just to name a few. As someone who intertwines layers of representation through different mediums, inviting audiences in realms of the virtual and the real; … Continued

Opiom Gallery In an era where even children just entering high school knows the power of photoshop and has basic knowledge about how to work and recreate images on the computer; it seems like nothing is impossible to be visually composed to fulfil our sensual hunger anymore. Jee Young Lee completes her wants and desires … Continued

Collection “2D Or Not 2D” by photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make up artist Valeriya Kutsan is an amazing mind boggling series that sustains their previous portraitures in black & white and angry bird designs. At times working with the natural lines and planes on our faces, and at times destructing them into building a complete … Continued

Kesh A complete hybrid between being half Malaysian and half Trinidad, half DJ and half artist, half fashionista and half designer; Kesh is that young lady who has especially caught the eyes of the public with her American Apparel cross over fashion collection if not the other works with Topman or the sold out publications … Continued

Risking his life of being caught by the police 20 times already and once pointed with a gun to his head; photographer Dan Marbaix still keeps on breaking into abandoned interiors to capture it’s forgotten beauty through the art of photography. Visiting unknown sites in the UK and around Belgium; he never once revealed where … Continued

Lauren Baker An artist mastering in mosaic craft art with a passion in the resurrecting of dead animals through empowering their skulls as a form of sculpture; Lauren Baker is an all rounded artist that also produces street art and offer workshops to the public. This collection, the Deer Skulls, especially caught my eyes. Inspired by mythological sayings … Continued

Mike Quain  Lovely sharp images for fashion shoots; photographer Mike Quain who’s based in North Hollywood has caught our eyes with the strong color sense and creativity within this images. Successfully captivating the audience’s attention as well as the best look of the model; products within each frame are also given a strong presence through his choice … Continued

Opened on the 25th of October is this highly anticipated photo exhibition led by local jewelry designer Carmen Chan, belonging to their “I Love Fashion” project. Working with other fashion activists; Tws, Adarga, Glush, VOID Watches, Irregular Choice, Viss, Salon Nova, Roo and square street is presenting these non- mainstream photos by Turkish American photographer … Continued

 Henk Hofstra  The ever changing city has constantly been accused by activists and the community of the lack of protection we have for natural components. Whether you’re in Hong Kong, Canada, US or UK; its obviously that trees are taking over less hectares, new constructions consumes more of the cityscape, and environmental organizations are always … Continued

Sebastian Bieniek Based in Berlin, this German artist has openly talked to us about his works; something that he denies of being art, but of being an interactive process of which exists for his record in such a world of chaos.