The very first pair of creepers that I’ve encounter was in high school, when a rock classmate who used to play the bass came in with her Dr. Martens like it was nothing. Full black, with the thick sole, it caused quite a tingle with our school uniform. I didn’t really like it back then, … Continued

The silhouette enhancing materiality of acrylic and choice of simple items but intricate details makes Tatty Devine’s collection stem away from just being a piece of jewelry; but more like a romantic experience with design. Their collections have always been fun, been woo! screaming; but as the market also share their fun times with laser … Continued

After our volume one nails, here comes our next in line pointed set of stiletto nails. With a yellow colored base, on top are swirls of blue and turquoise simply created by the nail polish brush. Apply on the lighter color first, starting from the root of the nail outwards towards the tip. Never mind … Continued

Like hearts and unicorns, bows are a never out of fashion thing for girls. Its not new, and thanks to Lady Gaga, we’ve managed to put it on top of our heads with hair now. The only thing that’s changed is where people decide to put it on their skull now. On top like how … Continued

…roams the world. Any look, any day, any events; a single gold chain can adorn a simple look into a unique one that demands an applaud to. Check out Teyana Taylor with her 2 chains that she intermixes and change up for day to day looks, whether snapped or on the red carpet. Thick or … Continued

Girls come up to me and ask how I keep my braids so neat, say its hard to keep a tight grip on our Asian hair; the thing is, there’s no longer a need to keep it sturdy unless they are cornrows. Braid your hair regularly (3 strands or the fish bone way both works) … Continued

One of the sets from our 2013 Look Book Collection, these square- edged nails are painted with a salmon colour as base, patterned randomly with grids and flower goodies on top. Paint the grid pattern by creating slanted lines of pink on top with just the nail polish brush, each slightly apart from each other. … Continued

What is it with girl’s legs that make things go flash? Whether thin and long or curvy with them hips, there’s just something about thighs and legs that fixes a messed up look or enhances one with class. But patterns, colors or textures on apparels and accessories have seem to bombard the daily styling consideration … Continued

Retro outfits, vintage styles, grandma’s accessories; don’t just matches themselves with our value village clothing but also with our hair styles. Simply with a curler or the granny curls, twist your bang inwards so it puffs up on your forehead. Doesn’t matter if your bangs are long or short, the style works well anyways. Match … Continued

French tips, pointed claws filled with rocks and chains and all that have been seen on countless nails no longer surprising to the eye. Whereas taking advantage of the curved edge on the nail for graphic construction makes the design seem more thoughtful and unexpected. Here are some lovely examples scavenged from the net displaying … Continued