Thomas Pitilli

Randomly coming across this artist’s work, his first piece that came up in my search engine was a young black afro haired young lady in a varsity jacket. From Brooklyn New York, Thomas Pitilli not only creates artworks for editorial clients, he also works with musicians and children books in creating illustrations. Colorful and bold, his works are not limited in just being categorized as a computer image, but he combine techniques such as linoleum and collage for his works. I particularly enjoy his choice of topics, where at times its romantic and at times its humorous. It also reminds me of an Archie style, but on the other hand it just looks like something completely separate on its own. With a visual arts background, Thomas Pitilli’s works appear much more in depth in meaning in comparison to the immediate 2D aesthetics that the images give off. With ranging topics like the Hollywood, family life, love and fashion; the realistic concepts associates easily with viewers even with the appearance of simple lines in portraying particular scenes or mood.