the poverty line

The Poverty Line (Hong Kong)

We can get a gist of the culture of a foreign society by looking at the food that they eat. If we are further given with other information, such as the price of their food, and how much these people are able to afford, we could make out the quality of living for these people.

Hong Kong might appear to be a prosperous city, but a portion of our population still suffers from poverty every day. Apparently, the money that a person living at the poverty line in Hong Kong uses on food in a day is only USD $5.77 (which is around HKD $45). To get a better understanding, HKD $45 is around the price of one Big Mac meal in the States.

In order to raise awareness for those who are living at the poverty line, Food Angel is hosting a large-scale-site specific installation at PMQ from the 27th of November to the 6th of December. The images included in this installation will be selected through submission, which is open now until the 7th of November (Extended deadline as of Oct 27th). Entitled #thepovertyline, this global organization encourages people to purchase any local food with the money that a person living at the poverty line in that specific city is able to spend on food in one day. Then, they can simply take a photo of the food on a piece of newspaper, and have it emailed to the organization. Dozens of countries with more than 200,000 people have already engaged in this project, and now it’s time for Hong Kong. As a result, 3,000 images will be printed and installed as a massive collage on the walls and ceilings outside PMQ’s Taste Library, and a discussion event will also be held alongside the exhibition. Email your photo to [email protected] with your name and a quick thought, or post your photo on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #thepovertyline, #HongKong to broaden the discussion about poverty and food choices in Hong Kong.

**Only emailed photographs will be included in the exhibition. By participating in this project, you agree to the use of your photographs in future #thepovertyline exhibitions and publications. Copyright remains with the photographer.**