ingrid baars

Ingrid Baars Article

At first glance, it might seem like a modern day Picasso piece, with segments of layers and dissected images one on top of the other, yet carefully laid out to produce a certain amusing vision. The artist herself, Ingrid Gaars, is a one of a kind producer. Working from her own images that she photographed, she compiles her interest and passion in high fashion and African traditional art with intricate techniques in photo editing. Her works not only display a certain aura of class with the manipulated female figures; the medium that she mounts her photos on are also of the highest quality used in worldwide museums. The blending of reality and digital are so seamlessly created that the audience cant help but to question the perfection that is created within her images. Be it a light spot, a shadow, a line or a feature; the female faces and figures in the photographs are somewhat abnormal looking, but very sensual indeed. The lines are vividly created and the crisp edges attain one’s eyes with a familiar feeling of commercialized photoshoots. The countless layers of pixel versus image gives great depth to the 2D photograph, making it like a sculptural piece more than anything. Notice the interesting play on contrasting the traditional African outlooks with the adorned accessories on the figures from modern day designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier. Much like other successful artists, Gaars plays with supposedly polar components by placing them side by side together; but her execution is so unique and carefully done that the works she create defines a complete new style. Standing out from any other mixed media collections, her works are easily defined as “a form of visual sculpture with two dimensions.”