22 Degrees North

A pleasure to be invited to cover the opening event of this all new lifestyle curated store in Sham Shui Po; the front door of the shop was already crowded with guests upon our arrival.

Facing the main road of Nam Cheong Street; the newly renovated store appears to be in peace with the neighbouring old buildings for fabrics, food and leather sources. Needless to say; those who have visited Sham Shui Po before already knows this place is a hidden gem for crafty hands. With all sorts of raw materials to be found around the corner at very affordable prices; this little community is one that awaits for a culturally varied hub to appear for those who visits the district.

Seeing such opportunity, founders Steven Cheng, Joey Ku and Rex Yam has taken over 3 storeys of this building and successfully renovated it into a spacious and distinct hub for those creative minds to gather for discussion and enjoyment.

Having the chance to speak with Steven Cheng; we took a tour around the store and found out more about the meanings and mottos behind. Full timing in the bag industry selling brands from across the world here in Hong Kong; Steven has especially picked out a few of his favourites to be placed for sale in 22 Degrees North. Including stocks from Doughnut Japan, Made in Eden and Cupcake; the three styles of bags available are evidently different and rarely seen in Hong Kong. In fact, some of them are only available here for purchase.

Other stock lists include local designer goods placed further down the room; vibing the whole atmosphere with the importance of craftsmanship once again in sync with the location’s recognized theme.

A hidden staircase behind the end wall leads up to the second floor’s resting area, where couches are dispersed with a hole to peak through onto the bottom floor’s happenings. Warmly lit with yellow lights; I can completely see myself chilling here any afternoon after shopping for beads and laces in Sham Shui Po.

Up the staircase once again is the third gallery space floor. Especially for the opening, a duo acoustic band was invited; and the space was crowded with guests holding their drinks nodding unconsciously to the beat and the hanging illustrations on display. Steven says that other art exhibitions will be hosted on this level in the near future, and the space is definiately interested in co- joining with other creative minds for events and workshops to happen.

Hidden away is a small attic space office; and Steven says that if the space works out well and it’s popularity gains amongst local peers, they would likely expand onto the fourth floor and hopefully retain a new cafe space there for more interactions with visiting guests.

I personally loved the space. Not a huge space per floor; but the surprise keeps building up as you walk up those white metal stairs that are freshly brushed but still reminds you of the old Hong Kong building construction. Authentic, but reborn; this store located on the axis of 22 degrees North emphasizes not only on the products that they offer, but gives off a long lost feeling of comfort, somewhat like treading down a street aimlessly on a Sunday morning with relaxing breezes fresh falling on one’s skin.

88 Nam Cheong Street, Sham Shui Po



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