Line Tattoo Background Summary Sometimes the artworks that we see makes us question if the artist behind the work is insane, seriously. We have cans of doodoo selling at astrological figures, dead animals place in tanks as installations, and they call them all art. The thing is though, if you have tried hard enough to … Continued

Think Dali motives, Mucha details, and Beardsley style; we’ve got ourselves a Harry Clarke. An Art Noveau period illustrator with glass painting background, he uses monochromatic tone as the basis of his work; yet what differs him from Beardsley is that he puts black as the core ground and splatters on top with white to … Continued It has infiltrated the Facebook scene for quite a while, those jumping pictures of people travelling to different places; but it was always seen as just young and humorous pictures, until this girl made it art. With thought out set ups, interesting choice of venues, and that calm but suspicious looking face are we … Continued

Its not new, but be damned that its not old either. We’re talking ever since 1985 when probably neither of us were even born yet, a group of women have already pulled their finger out to the whole society, demanding attention to the reality that those of colour and those of the female sector are … Continued