Mulga I got linked into this Sydney based artist Joel Moore’s portfolio randomly whilst searching for Aztec illustrations. Not really having anything to do with the key word, his works somehow share a similar ressemblance when it comes to the looks of it. Also containing black bold outlines and colorful components, his works all depict … Continued

Polina Zemiliakova Barely known but deeply rooted, the Russian vector based illustrator Polina Zemiliakova caught my eyes by her repetitive patterns of easily recognized flowers and choice of palette. Each blossom distinctly represented, the flowers together represent a whole that looks like a team of soldiers ready to head onwards together. The sustained outline of … Continued

Surreal, scary, to the point it becomes a romance. Nothing new, but if it is to you, Im happy I am the one to introduce it, because it is one of the most beautiful forms of art. Made by two of the world’s most well known sculptures Ron Mueck and Duane Hanson; both came from … Continued

Pard Morrison Ever since the notion of fine art has been rebelliously challenged by those artists who thinks outside the box; things either went extremely complicated or they resorted to minimalism. When the realistic factor within a piece is drowned out by the feelings and emotions it is able to deliver, representations have became more … Continued

Erik Madigan Heck Either its because painting can depict such real fantasies, or that photography can depict such fantastical realities; this 2011 nominated “new and emerging photographers to watch” has blurred the lines between art and photography, and completely eliminated the borders between fashion and photography. I wowed when I saw these images, and when … Continued

Amy Mattingley It sure is. Its like taking a big bite out of something and getting sensual pleasure from it. I am rarely attracted to abstract art, because I personally demand a certain level of understanding visually before being able to put my own interpretation into a piece of artwork. As Picasso says though, the … Continued

Lissy Elle Laricchia Its like digging into a tomb, the further I do, the more I find, the scarier it gets, but the more Im stuck. Lissy Elle Laricchia, if not wronged, am from North America. Started her career at the age of 13, seeing photography as something she can make realistic of her fantastical … Continued

Nuno Ferreira’s Collages 2ponto3, a name established by Nuno Ferreira to categorize his unique usage of the collage technique has gained this young man a lot of recognition online. Barely any information on him was found, it was only noted that the artist is an undergraduate from Portugal, who first started his artworks in college … Continued

Ingrid Baars Article At first glance, it might seem like a modern day Picasso piece, with segments of layers and dissected images one on top of the other, yet carefully laid out to produce a certain amusing vision. The artist herself, Ingrid Gaars, is a one of a kind producer. Working from her own images … Continued

Ana Teresa Barboza’s Blog Undeniably a work of Art, textile artist Ana Teresa Barboza from Peru has clearly rebelled, challenged, and succeeded in the reconciliation of claiming a female artist’s status in the world of art with a skill that was once simply considered as craft. Not only bounded by her professional skill with needles … Continued