Tatiane Ferrigno Brazilian illustrator Tatiane Ferrigno produces a lot of works depicting tatted girl characters with their hair dyed in pinks and blues. She has a large series of computer rendered images, but these sketch like works are my personal favourite. Simple with lines, but very contemporary when it comes to character appearances;  her subjects … Continued

Gelitin Im not lying! This 2005 made giant bunny can literally be seen on google map from space! Made with yarn, the  Viennese art collective Gelitin devoted 5 years of time to produce this huge bunny located in the Italian Alps. The whole point of this dying bunny, much like a lot of other things in … Continued

Thomas Pitilli Randomly coming across this artist’s work, his first piece that came up in my search engine was a young black afro haired young lady in a varsity jacket. From Brooklyn New York, Thomas Pitilli not only creates artworks for editorial clients, he also works with musicians and children books in creating illustrations. Colorful … Continued

Garin Baker At first I thought they are photos, but in fact they are works by New York artist Garin Baker. An illustrator as well as an artist, he has a very clear view as to what he wishes to portray and deliver through his works to different viewers. “No need to shock or over … Continued

Solovyov Design I have to admit, I don’t really know anything about product or furniture design. I just appreciate it like how everyone does, I look, I touch, I sit and then I look at the price tag. Design is a bit different from art, not in the sense it can not be aesthetically pleasing … Continued

Design Boom Article on The Art of Chess Held during the October of last year, the Art of Chess exhibit showcased a total of 16 chess sets at the Saatchi Gallery last year in London. Matching our weekly theme of checkered patterns, their art exhibit was established based on a quote by the famous Marcel … Continued

Oh Kurtis I personally am a monster fan. I love Cookie monster for his silly face and voice, and I love Brobee for his unibrow. My desktop icons are monsters, and thats why I’m making this weekly update especially dedicated to monsters of all kind. Oh Kurtis is also a monster fan who sew monsters … Continued

Nouar It’s like walking into Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cross over Wreck- It Ralph world of gullible looking food characters… which is just so awkwardly cute! Festive and colorful looking subject roams the space that Los Angeles artist Nouar has created. On her palette, it seems like no color is neglected, no imagination … Continued

Steve Moore A graphics and traditional art fan, with a specific interest in pointillism; Steve Moore from eastern US has created countless portraits with just perler beads. The illusionistic works zoom in as tiny pieces of plastic beads, but zooms out into being a big picture of faces that we all recognize. Whether it be … Continued

Mulga I got linked into this Sydney based artist Joel Moore’s portfolio randomly whilst searching for Aztec illustrations. Not really having anything to do with the key word, his works somehow share a similar ressemblance when it comes to the looks of it. Also containing black bold outlines and colorful components, his works all depict … Continued