WOAW Like an exaggerated “wow”; “woaw” is actually the synonymous for “world of amazing wonders”, a lifestyle select store which holds products from over 30 brands ranging from beverage to tech goodies to fashion apparels to even stationaries. Opened mid November last year in 2013; the store fits perfect well in the cultural hub of … Continued

C215 Not a strange scene to see if you’re living in regions of France and Europe; streets are often filled with creative works done by anonymous artists. With these street artists emerging one by one; we must not forget that this form of public art first started with several big names including one of the … Continued

Marni “100 Chairs” Charity Exhibition at Joyce These chairs are not only for a cause, but was built by a cause that links ex- prisoners to the action of raising donations for the Save the Children Foundation. Appearing in sharp and contrasting colors of blues, purples, oranges and more; the furniture pieces on show at … Continued

22 Degrees North A pleasure to be invited to cover the opening event of this all new lifestyle curated store in Sham Shui Po; the front door of the shop was already crowded with guests upon our arrival. Facing the main road of Nam Cheong Street; the newly renovated store appears to be in peace … Continued

Cristina Natsuko┬áPaulos As if seeing the images with no glasses on and being heavy short sighted; Cristina Paulos’ works are gently imprinted on paper, canvas and wood with a strong sense of movement and delicacy in the choice of palette. As an artist with a BFA in California Institute of Arts; she is also animator … Continued

During the second wave of Futurism which followed WWII; a group of artist with really forward minds created artworks that were a bit too much for the crowd to digest at the time. Yet, the works stayed and is now something ┬ámodern group of art enthusiasts appreciate and frequently revisits for new inspirations. Rooted in … Continued

Terada Mokei If all you see in his works are “cute little paper people”, then I would say you’ve only got half of the essence within his “Architectural Model Accessories Series”. Abandoning the usual core subject in architectural models but keeping the interesting knowledge, techniques, rules and details for his own paper works; Terada Mokei … Continued

Lily Kamper With a structure somewhat architectural like; Lily Kamper, one of the members of the Young British Designers Group started this brand just in 2012 and has already been asked to judge for the Global Fashion Awards Ceremony and have her AW 13/14 collection be launched at Paris Fashion Week. Graduated from the Royal … Continued

Peter Alwast Multimedia artist Peter Alwast has been all around the globe; displaying his artworks in forms of videos, computer graphics, paintings and drawings in Brisbane, South Korea and Sydney just to name a few. As someone who intertwines layers of representation through different mediums, inviting audiences in realms of the virtual and the real; … Continued

Opiom Gallery In an era where even children just entering high school knows the power of photoshop and has basic knowledge about how to work and recreate images on the computer; it seems like nothing is impossible to be visually composed to fulfil our sensual hunger anymore. Jee Young Lee completes her wants and desires … Continued