fin dac


I have a fetish for artworks that depicts the profile angle of women figures. I always find the balance between our human features seen from the side is amazingly romantic. Coming across the artist revived my obsession, and with a lot of his characters culturally relating; it was very easy to get attached to his artworks. A form of computerized and hands on painting, London artist Fin DAC label his own works as the “Urban Aesthetics”. Rebellious like every other successful artists, Fin DAC did not want to confront to the usual art definition, and thus has came up with the term “Urban Aesthetics” for his use.

Be it Geisha looking girls, or Chinese opera actresses, his image always include a clean matte face with color spills here and there on the hair and on other topics. It is not as much a realistic drawing, but more towards a graphics approach with crisp lines and clear directions. Nevertheless though, the unreal- ness of the faces actually gives a just as strong connection.