pard morrison

Pard Morrison

Ever since the notion of fine art has been rebelliously challenged by those artists who thinks outside the box; things either went extremely complicated or they resorted to minimalism. When the realistic factor within a piece is drowned out by the feelings and emotions it is able to deliver, representations have became more and more mind boggling. It could well be just a pack of ketchup, a used tissue, a broken teaspoon, or a dead animal; they all now impose a certain fantastical aura once being passed through the hands of the right artist. Lego reminding, Morrison isn’t even the first artist playing with blocks; we have Judd and his metal cubes, offering a self reflection session for viewers.

But Morrison is different, because the blocks are interpreted in a completely different way. Playing with the sense of perspective and depth, these sculptural pieces are done deliberately to illuse you in believing they are of nothing but a 2D nature. In actual fact, each one of them are there in space, with a depth that has been flatten out by the eyes as they were directed straight to the clean matted colors. Geometrically interesting, the pieces hide connections with mathematics, universal dimension and abstraction. This Colorado based artist has successfully produced intriguing pieces of bright but comforting colors. I personally not only enjoy the aspects of his works mentioned previously, but appreciate especially his knowledge with his palette, where no two pieces of work are exactly the same. The variability he has given his works empower the common block with a new sense of completion, with status and structure inevitable to recognize within the space we inhabit.