j plus hotel

J Plus Hotel

Literally only a block away from Sogo, the center mark of Causeway Bay, Hong Kong; there’s nothing you can complain about the location of J Plus Hotel, unless you don’t like the convenience. The cozy hotel not only fits perfectly well into the cityscape, but also offers something different to the light lit area. With two doors opened for guests on the ground floor leading into the space, the hotel lobby is right there on the street level, allowing passerby’s to peek into the building as they walk pass. Intimate with its lighting but completely accessible unlike other hotels in town; J Plus Hotel is that little gem that shines subtly in the neighborhood, making it a place great for travelers and even locals to spend a night or two in.

With their latest “J+ Yoo Style” project commencing this 2015, the place is further enhanced with a sense of unique style and culture. Partnering up with The Cat Street Gallery for their first issue, the lobby is filled with exciting art that engages with audiences who are also interested in the creative medium.

Showcasing works by artists including Rob and Nick Carter, Jason Sims and Zhivago Duncan, this selection by The Cat Street Gallery will be in the space from now until March, 2015, where after that another program will take place, maintaining the lobby with ever changing installations that are sure to distinguish this hotel from any other in the city. Apart from that, there are also other staying pieces including the love story themed resting area by street artist Stern Rockwell located on the ground floor.

Other than the aesthetically pleasing artworks, the interior design of the hotel is also very pretty. Even though the hotel does not have its own f&b, the hotel does have amazingly decorated rooms that made us fall in love at first sight. Themed with different colors such as the Sunshine Yellow, the Tranquil Blue and the Dreamy Pink, both the small and the larger rooms have its own kitchen area. Small but very functional, the rooms have decent living areas that are constructed with a open studio-like layout which makes it feel very spacious and comfortable. At fairly reasonable rates, check out their website above to book your room for your next holiday!

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