swarovski nail design box

Swarovski Nail Design Box

For those who often get their nails done, you would know to ask for Swarovski gems for your manicures because they are the ones that shines the most and lasts the longest.

Of course, for stunning quality it also comes at a stunning price. I’m not trying to persuade my sweethearts out there to compensate quality for a cheaper price, but I’m trying to introduce this 5 in one nail design box set in 6 different styles currently offered by the brand across Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Japan.

Considering it not only includes a set of nails under either the themes of Classic, Romantic, Progressive, Glamour, Pure and Bridal, sculpted by famous nail artist Manami Fuji, but as well as loose crystals for future usage, a crystal body tattoo, a Swarovski BeCharmed Bead and a glittered up nail file; the set is completely worthy of it’s price.

Presenting varied shades that sparkles for night life and perfect for special day occasions; it is also available in stores, visit the above link for more details.

NAIL NAIL: Shop B1002, B1/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

swarovski nail design box