ghd hair trend AW14


After our previous coverages on AW14 hair trends (1.2.3), here are some more ideas we really liked from the fashion runway this year. Rocking in the shows for Lucas NascimentoAnya Hindmarch, Felder Felder, Zoe Jordan, and Todd Lynn; ghd is here to show us how some of their looks were created, and we have picked the Peekaboo Parting and the Dark Warrior style in particular to share!

As shown above, the Peekaboo Parting was inspired by model Veruschka from the 1960s, where sides are polished tight with the remainder of the hair loosely let down which swiped elegantly across the face. By pre-wetting the hair first with ghd style root lift spray, the hair was then dried with the ghd air hairdyer and combed out with their detangling comb. Parted widely from the hairline to the back of the head on the right, the to be hidden hair is secured with an elastic band. Then, the flowing strands were styled with the ghd eclipse® at two inch sections per go, and rotated 180° clockwise whilst being pulled downwards and finished off by going the opposite direction, also at 180°. Once the whole head is curled, they brushed it out with their paddle brush to soften up the freshly curled waves.

As for the Dark Warrior, a look that I have been personally rocking during the beginning of the season, is a lovely style that creates a killer and tough finish which matches perfectly with toned up eyebrows and leather apparels. Again, first lift the wet hair with ghd’s style root lift spray and have it blow dried  backwards. Comb a diagonal section of hair backwards as wel and secure it with spray. After smoothing it down, tie the section with an elastic and have it wrapped around with a piece of hair if you wish. Then, create a second ponytail around an inch wide, and have it go directly underneath the first ponytail you have created and secure it at the back of your head. Spray them both flat and then secure them both together with another piece of elastic. Finish off with more spray and comb out the hair for a smooth, glossy look.

Both relatively easy and suitable for daily outings, try these out at home and have fun with it during AW14!

ghd hair trend AW14