block color nails

Its here for every brand, the whole blocking design. In runways, for streetwears, even for accessories; they are here. Ready for the summer season, I present to you all the block party nails. As literal as it is, they are blocks of colors on the nail, best to attend parties with! The important thing here is to get your color wheels out and match the best colors together. Choose at least 3 to get the crowd mesmerized, and preferably with two of them as contrasting colors. I would say pink and turquoise because I just wrote a daily for that undefeatable combo, but anything common like blue and yellow or red and green is just as great. Once ready, pick the lightest color and polish that on your filed nail. Slowly build on darker shades, freely on them nails. Whether at a diagonal as triangular blocks, or sticking to the tradition of square blocks, the freedom is all yours. Only tip to offer is, because the nail is usually grown with a curve, always check by holding your hand out a little further to see if the lines are straight. Don’t just curl them towards you, because its not a straight view and the pinky and the thumb will most probably be slanted. Wait for them to dry, and apply your top coat. Simple, but super fun looking, practice now before you hit a beach party date!