It was a rather abnormal visit to start off with anyways. I was at Central Embassy, Bangkok on a normal working tuesday, when usually I would be sitting obediently in the Hong Kong office typing away. I was with a bunch of others who were also invited by Zalora. With a good handful of us still yet to be fully awake, none of us knew what to expect from our first stop here in Thailand.

Guided up escalators and across corners, the spacious interior welcomed our footsteps. But what we did not realize was that a hidden gem is just a glass door away, anticipating for our entrance with elegantly displayed apparels that were pleasantly out of place with the commercialized building.

As if walking into the lobby of a mysterious club,  walls of the space towards the entrance were hung with vintage looking portraitures. With a few steps up before entering the main area, our host stood proudly at the doorway dressed in a proper navy blue suit jacket matched with an attention grasping thin blue scarf. Jeremy Angsuvarnsiri, Publicist and Stylist of brand Sretsis evidently knew the brand from top to bottom, inside and out.

Passionately explaining to us the background of the brand by bringing out examples off their racks from the AW 2014 collection; what really caught my eardrums was that repeated sentence, “It used to be right there, but now it’s sold out.”

It was obvious that the brand is doing really well. Having participated in the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week in Tokyo upon invitation just a while back, this Thai designer’s brand started by Pim Sukhahuta has not only captivated the hearts of Thai customers but also those who are overseas. A graduate from Parsons School of Design in 2002, Pim and her two sisters Kly and Matina has built this sisters spelt backwards brand into one of the most well known fashion definition of “quirks and subtle cheeks”, with a “stubborn sweetness and rebellious spirits that are translated onto their designs.”

Never the same and always whimsical in its execution, whether it’s the choice of fabric or the usage of patterns, the tripled silhouette on their logo not only represents the masterminds behind Sretsis, but also signifies the ever changing style of the brand which metamorphoses itself with the likes and preferences of Pim herself.

I had a nice chat with Jeremy and he was kind enough to give me further insights into the designs of Sretsis. For AW14, they ran with the theme of “The Curious Club of Gentlewomen”, which comments on the men-only format of the classic English Gentlemen’s Club. This season, the brand wishes to offer women as well as girls a place of their own, which is just as classy and prestigious as the men’s club, by dressing them in innocent tailors such as ruffled dresses, border trimmings, and the symbolic usage of Carnations. As a reoccurring theme throughout the collection, the Carnation motif in the form of patterns and adornments are spotted on collars, cuffs and patches, with the latter building into their other branching series of the collection, the College Varsity Cheerleader uniform.

Needless to speak of the details that are induced, the designs are not always feminine. At times boyish, taking inspirations from items such as saddle boots and gun bags, nothing seem to stop the sisters from achieving whatever that’s in their minds. Apart from this coring fashion line, Sretsis also owns a luxury lingerie line and an exquisite jewelry line Matina Amanita just next to their Flagship Store.

I think the store itself already casts a pleasant feeling on whoever that enters, not to mention the touch of the clothing which definitely leaves a mark in our hearts. But what has especially caressed me as a customer as well as an editor is the passion exploding through the individuals behind this brand. Not only do they believe in the vision of the designer, but they also sincerely feel for the products, truthfully dispersing the message behind the designs with joy and enthusiasm to different audiences. Check out their instagram to understand what we really mean when we talk about Sretsis, one of our favourite brands from Bangkok, Thailand.

Sretsis Flagship Store: Central Embassy, Level 2, Bangkok, Thailand
Sretsis: Siam Paragon, 1/F Bangkok, Thailand
Sretsis Inn: 3-15-15 Minami- Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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