The straw hats let em seam through. Big brim, small brim, shallow or deep; straw hats are something that every girl wants to get for the season but ends up never wearing. Tricky thing with straw hats are that each looks a bit different and they are picky when it comes to styling. Dresses makes it look too farm- like, collared shirts ends up in a cow girl disaster, heels just don’t go with it at all, and theres no way you can match sportswear with it. So is it destined just for the beach with your bikini on and a silk wrap around? Well that might not be true anymore, because the current straw hats are taking on forms much more similar to top hats instead. With it evolving, the straw hat might just be something you lack in your wardrobe, and is no longer something you need to prevent yourself from getting. Some are adorned with ribbons, some are colored, some have wide big brims acting much like the big old round sunnies for covering the tired face. Be it jeans, skirts or shorts, the new color coordination and accessories on the straw hats allows it to foster more styling ideas. The only thing I would really recommend is going for it with a tight skirt and knee cap high see through socks, it links the whole look to the top hat tailor, but keeps the breeziness the straw hat gives. Always try on your hat before purchasing too, because not only your face shape dictates how it looks on you, so does your hairstyle!