At first is was the boldness created from the acrylic fonts on the snapback, later found out to be the brand’s collaborative success with Chrishbana. Then its all the descriptive product descriptions under each and every item, from all of Adeen’s 3 different lines. Rembrandt Duran, young owner of 21, is based in NYC and am a cartoon loving individual. The brand strives to induce fun back into the fashion scene, with individuality pushing the brand into a lifestyle. The brand has different apparels such as jewelry and tops too, but Imma be focusing on the snapbacks. Exaggerating to look at, yet not that hard to carry. The Adeen hats has been noticed countlessly on different idols around the world, including names like G- Dragon, Kreayshawn, and Azelia Banks. Those who carry it has a bold personality themselves, which makes the hats so much more empowering. Not to mention, some of the brand’s items are inspired by Arale, a cartoon that all Asians should know! The associations individuals can make with the hats are immense, whether it be a statement on the snapback, or the story behind the item; the brand has successfully fulfilled everyone’s aesthetic needs, curiosity, and set them off with a good mood like just finished watching a Saturday morning cartoon.