Turquoise blue and pink is the most challenging but eye grasping color combo. The sharp pink highlights the pale but comforting shade of blue green, and they just play off each other so well, much like purple and yellow. Pastel colors aren’t in the season’s trend anymore, but block colors are! So those who are still having deep feelings for cute soapy shades, carry on! Just learn how to match them so people don’t take you as being stuck in yesterday. I would have to say those Reebok pumps are my favorite version of crashing the two colors together. A bit too much for your crowd? Slip in the always welcomed shades of grey and or white to balance the sharpness out. Don’t do it with black though, because those two shades will just get sucked in, making the whole look collaspe because the contrasting colors aren’t doing anything anymore. Neither do metallics go well with the combo, stick to acrylic material accessories, or go with kids bead plastic. Hang in there as the weather continues to delay us from enjoying our Spring Summer collections, match with these attitude lightening shades for the time being, and just change it up with shorts or skirts when the time comes!