I’m wet from the top to the bottom, and its definitely not a nice feeling. The yellow rainstorm sign just got announced here in Hong Kong, but it feels more like a black to me. I was wearing Keds and I was completely soaked from the toes up. Never a fan of rain boots, and … Continued

I was about to faint on the streets yesterday in Mongkok Hong Kong as  I trampled through dozens of people who are obviously feeling the same… why the hell is it so hot! I already had the least amount I could have had on, and I was still sweating everywhere like a crazy woman. With … Continued

Gelitin Im not lying! This 2005 made giant bunny can literally be seen on google map from space! Made with yarn, the  Viennese art collective Gelitin devoted 5 years of time to produce this huge bunny located in the Italian Alps. The whole point of this dying bunny, much like a lot of other things in … Continued

The amount of hair I have always require me to pay a bit more for my treatments. Whether hair dye, hair cut, hair wash… even a hair clip. I get annoyed most the time, because everyone else just gets one tube of hair dye and they’re good, but I pay double the price. Neither do … Continued

Big, huge, massive, completely oversized. Do you not see everything in our current fashion era growing as we speak? Bigger clutches, bigger earrings, bigger gemstones, bigger eyes, bigger hair… the list can go on. The thing is, I think its because everyone is less likely to be afraid to be bold anymore, and thats a … Continued

Its no longer an era where things are made for certain occasions and they stay like that forever. Its more like, whatever looks “right” in the instant gets the pick. Even lip glosses are being put on eye lids, bangle sized earrings are made for ears, and stilettos now being matched with sports pants. Remember … Continued

Le Vaults Jewelry I just got the best news from my bff last week, her boyfriend just proposed and they’re getting married! And before I know it, another friend of mine proposed to his girlfriend on the streets of Causeway Bay with surprises and flash dances. Then theres all these prom photos from my ex … Continued

Olive green is going to be big. It might not be today, but I promise you it’s going to hit you hard during Autumn when fashion brands release their newest collection in stores. So for the meantime, for smart shoppers like us, we really should keep an eye out and rock the shade before their … Continued

So much fun going through different streetsnaps of people wearing different apparels in checks! It all started when my boyfriend decided to randomly tie a bold black and white checkered shirt around the waist, and then I just really fell in love with it. We’ve done checkered shirt features before, but I never thought the … Continued

Meadham Kirchhoff From the brand’s 2012 collection, this is nothing new, but then again, it still brings such freshness to the look. Meadham Kirchhoff’s Monster Collection was widely spread and recognized for its innovative and fun way of portraying monsters. Whether as fur jackets, or dying models hair into countless shades of extravagant colors, or … Continued