It was for the elegance and the streamline like fingers, resulting in manicures and such to make the female hands look prettier than it already is. But now, we’re talking duck feet? Really? I have to admit they are super cute though, with the stubborn looking shape and a bigger surface area for the insane … Continued

Lovely Spanish brand Pull and Bear has compiled their new season lookbook ready for show on their website. Was going to do a feature on that, but instead, upon the click into their online store, I changed my mind. For those who are located here in Hong Kong, I don’t know if you have the … Continued

sparkles once in a while; and I go full out with the gel and the stiletto tips and gems and all that. The one thing we have in common though, is when we both questioned how people did the marble patterned nails. “It’s all over my fingers!”, or “I can’t get it off the edge … Continued Reds, greens and blues; hats, headbands and sunnies… so much inspiration comes from fellow strangers on the streets. Here I chose three of my top picks, with two of them coming from the website link above from Japan, and one from New York. All three using block colors in their look, they each express … Continued

Last in our collection, its these sexy stiletto tipped babes. Have all nails filed down to the shape, and paint every other nail red and black. The black polish I chose here has sparkles in it already giving it that depth, up to you if you wish to do so as well. Give the red … Continued

Ohhhhh were the noises I made when I saw this image during my weekly research for posts to be updated. Still following a regular cornrow braiding technique, 3 strands with new strands added in everytime tightly into the core braid; only to surprise you with a further fetched strand to create such a neat pattern. … Continued

I do, I really do. Come on, sharing a status with heels in the heart of a girl is a priviledge, trust me. What do we have here? Betsey Johnson, Vivienne Westwood and the lovely Charlotte Olympia. These babies’d go with anything, just make sure the boyfriend is going with your look today too, jokes! … Continued

Whether you be a hustler chic, rock and roll chic, classy, elegant, casual or cool most the time; Vday is the day to be your man’s girl, and I say be cute. Be that huggable girl who demands some loving and pampering without whispering a single word. Here I present to you our stuvvz’s valentines … Continued

base enlonged nail, I constructed ten simple heart cut outs with 2 colors. Alternating between every other nail with a full color on the middle finger; the pinky is the cut out from the thumb, and the ring finger from the index. The only tricky part here is to paint your nails leaving the heart … Continued

The heart pattern thats easily created, best fit for vday out. Simply have your hair sectioned into 2, braid both as a normal 3 hand braid, tie when finished. Twist each of them outwards until the braid goes into a twisted knot, position onto head and secure with bobby pins on side and tie the … Continued