Ingrid Baars Article At first glance, it might seem like a modern day Picasso piece, with segments of layers and dissected images one on top of the other, yet carefully laid out to produce a certain amusing vision. The artist herself, Ingrid Gaars, is a one of a kind producer. Working from her own images … Continued

Ana Teresa Barboza’s Blog Undeniably a work of Art, textile artist Ana Teresa Barboza from Peru has clearly rebelled, challenged, and succeeded in the reconciliation of claiming a female artist’s status in the world of art with a skill that was once simply considered as craft. Not only bounded by her professional skill with needles … Continued

Made By Survivors Brain teasing you as to why this article is placed under art and culture instead of style and clothing? As literal as the name states, no gimmic or edgy term here, all of the items under this brand is honestly 100% made. by. survivors. We’re talking about female survivors who has lived … Continued An epic size, a storyful composition with a realistic yet playful quality; even though the street arts created by Herakut from Germany stays raw, it has successfully established themselves into a world-known talent. The two artists Hera and Akut met at the Urban Art Festial Secilla in Spain during 2004 and has been painting … Continued Stumbled across some remixed versions of “Boyfriend ” by Justin Bieber, and then these images came on screen. Warm, vintage looking, and oh so loving photographs coming from this special little site. Nadja Seale is a stylist, blogger, and make up artist. A God’s believer, and a fashion girl with a much similar preference … Continued

Officially celebrating the snake year, different nations from around the world has released their postage collections. Here we feature ones from China, New Zealand and Korea. With each having a completely different drawing style, the snakes all take form as an approachable and elegant animal. All three consists of patterns accompanying the snake, with them … Continued As the title states, thats exactly what she does. On her personal blog, she updates frequently of her drawings in pencil or pen and ink. She usually portrays her family members or characters in her daily life under that Mitzi style, of simple black lines with contrasting details on the hair but blankness in … Continued Never mind about just the street art, just the collaborations its made; Fafi is more than art but a whole sensation. Rooting from being a French graffitti artist situated in Toulouse, sneaking out at night to paint them walls; Fafi is printing books with Rizzoli and sneakers with Adidas. The core message her porno … Continued

Jan Matejko, Polish painter, famous, but not just another regular historical painter. Factual in certain events, but a visionary in presenting his compositions. Instead of depicting scenes that actually happened, his painting acts as an expression of his attitude towards the present and what he visions for Poland’s future at the time. Exercising art at … Continued

Line Tattoo Background Summary Sometimes the artworks that we see makes us question if the artist behind the work is insane, seriously. We have cans of doodoo selling at astrological figures, dead animals place in tanks as installations, and they call them all art. The thing is though, if you have tried hard enough to … Continued