Abstract sculptural art: bold, uncompromising and inspiring Abstract sculptural art is one of the most striking and exciting modes of artistic expression. Famous abstract sculptors include Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Eduardo Paolozzi and Anthony Caro – all of whom have pushed the boundaries of the style and challenged our notions of reality through … Continued

 Henk Hofstra  The ever changing city has constantly been accused by activists and the community of the lack of protection we have for natural components. Whether you’re in Hong Kong, Canada, US or UK; its obviously that trees are taking over less hectares, new constructions consumes more of the cityscape, and environmental organizations are always … Continued

Mica Angela Hendricks These amazing art works by Mica Angela Hendricks and her 4 years old daughter was never meant to happen; because mommy Angela wanted to fill the new sketchbook in herself, but confident daughter came along and wants to have a stake in it too. As an artist illustrator, Mica Angela Henricks was … Continued

Jason Mecier No no no, don’t get me wrong! The word ‘junk’ here is nothing derogatory, its actually what is used to create these magnificent looking celebrity portraits; collection of used or just random goods that are no longer maintained for it’s initial function and stripped from it’s original purpose. This artist is a true … Continued

Thaneeya McArdle A traveller, a painter, a business owner and a wife; Thaneeya from Florida went through college for 7 years in search of her true passion, ending up with what I’d call now as a little art empire of hers. With a BFA in painting, her skills are obvious, but her pattern creations aren’t … Continued

Red bull Illume  Had just chosen the winner on the 29th of August here in Hong Kong for the 2013 Red Bull Illume Action Photography competition; I went to visit the outdoor exhibition just yesterday off the coast of Tsim Sha Tsui at the Avenue of Stars. Just what I expected after seeing several of … Continued

Peter Anton Popsicles, ice bars, donuts and candies; every single one looking so scrumptious, but every single one uneatable. I’m talking about these sculptures by Peter Anton from the states. Using food as his core subject matter, he believes in the power of food and how it is one of the most intimate channels of … Continued

Adrian Baynes  It gets uncomfortable when someone stares at you in the room, it gets more uncomfortable when their group of friends do the same; but artist Adrian Baynes has turned that up quite a few notches resulting in a total of 225 eyes staring and following you.  This interactive installation is triggered by 6 … Continued

Charles Clay Tennessee artist Charles Clay discusses about the meaning of space through his unique depiction of it via paper art. Layers and layers of carefully cut out colored paper builds itself into a 3d sculpture, verging into the space that viewers stand upon. The ultimate aim here is to shake up the viewer’s point … Continued