Josh Maupin, also better known as LilKool, was sweating away at his live painting murals up in Central PMQ yesterday. A lovely vibrant character much like his artworks, our photographer got a great chat with the artist and found out he is just as friendly as any other person that is in love with street … Continued

Marc Lagrange and Opiom Gallery It’s hard to appear vividly as pure fine art when one portrays nudity under a lens, especially when the photographer is a male. I have difficulties going beyond connotations of sex and eroticism myself when given a nude female figure; and I always blame the shallowness I stop myself at … Continued

Papay Gyro Nights 2014 From and island to an island; it is the 4th Papay Gyro Nights happening here in Hong Kong. Co- Organzing it with Videotage this year, artist works from a selection of geographical places such as Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Scotland are to be exhibited in scattered places of Hong Kong. Having the utmost pleasure … Continued

Ginger x AfterWorkShop Supported by brand Ginger; Local Graffiti artist body AfterWorkShop have just executed their newest collaborative project “Ginger x Garfield x AWS” alongside a live graffiti session at Causeway Bay’s pedestrian area last week. Titled “Cheer Up Hongkongese”; artist Uncle has decided to reflect the need for opposition to the Hong Kong and … Continued

Don Percella  Talk about really pushing the boundaries of crafts and art with materials that are commonly distinguished as children art class essentials. Don Percella, a name that is nothing strange to readers of New York Times, NY ARTS, Fiber Arts Magazine, Chelsea Now, San Francisco Magazine and the Village Voice, is a Modesto California artist who … Continued

Jennifer Trask As a metalsmith graduate from Massachusetts College of Art; its not surprising to see Jennifer Trask become a sculptor, using elements such as 24K gold in her works. What is surprising though, is the core material she chooses to use for each of her art pieces. Its not a rock, nor is it … Continued

WOAW Like an exaggerated “wow”; “woaw” is actually the synonymous for “world of amazing wonders”, a lifestyle select store which holds products from over 30 brands ranging from beverage to tech goodies to fashion apparels to even stationaries. Opened mid November last year in 2013; the store fits perfect well in the cultural hub of … Continued

C215 Not a strange scene to see if you’re living in regions of France and Europe; streets are often filled with creative works done by anonymous artists. With these street artists emerging one by one; we must not forget that this form of public art first started with several big names including one of the … Continued